Series: Health Innovations (60)

A series of 60 short films about health innovations, amazing new ideas & scientific advances around the globe. Produced for the BBC.

Health Innovations is a ground-breaking series covering the most important and dramatic health stories from around the world. From biotechnology to genetic analysis, to new drugs and treatments, we report on the latest scientific and technological advances.

We explore the most innovative solutions to global health challenges, especially where vulnerable people are most at risk. There are very few issues more important than global health and we show the latest innovations.

The series was originally produced for the BBC, but its content has appeared on multiple channels including ABC in the USA.

In total we have 60 films. We will be regularly rolling out a new film – from male circumcision to tackle HIV in Africa, to robotic surgery, soap opera health education in India…. and many, many more cutting edge stories.

Many thanks to our supporters. The viewing figures have been staggering.

And as a footnote, here’s an interesting piece of audience research: Internet viewer numbers out-stripped the BBC TV audience by a factor of 4:1.

Films in the series