Series: Who's Afraid of HIV? (7)

7 x 25-minute documentary series produced for the BBC

Imagine what it’s like to live in a community where a quarter of the people are HIV positive. A place where it’s possible to lose your virginity and become HIV positive at the same time. A place where wives infected by their husbands are thrown out of the home and where 15-year-old girls are left to fend for their siblings because both parents have died.

Over five million people in India have the HIV virus and nearly 25 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. In South America, the problem was confined mainly to the more prosperous southern regions of Brazil, but AIDS has made its way to the northern city of Salvador. The city of Kaliningrad is among the worst AIDS affected in Russia. Four unique regions around the world, all struggling with the same disease. Watch how they tackle this epidemic and what people believe caused its dramatic spread.

A year later we revisit three of the HIV-infected children to check on their progress.

Powerful and moving documentaries.

These films can be bought individually or as a series.


Films in the series