HI: Giving Birth in Bangladesh 4:00, 2018 (Ref: AS18858)


Giving birth in Bangladesh is a dangerous business. In Bangladesh only one in four mothers give birth with any medical help.

We filmed at a hospital in the countryside where it is very difficult for mothers to get to the hospital.


The hospital does what it can to persuade the parents that they need care and should attend clinics before giving birth and come to the hospital for the actual birth – but it is not an easy job to persuade them to do so.

The risk of giving birth in Bangladesh has fallen in the past ten years – but still one in 500 mothers die in child birth. In comparison, a mother dies in one in every twelve thousand births in somewhere like the United Kingdom.

But of the ten thousand children born every day in Bangladesh, four hundred will not make it past their first birthday.

In this film, we see Ruby giving birth in the hospital with all the necessary help. She was one of the lucky ones. Her baby was not breathing when born and was given oxygen immediately.

She knows that he may not have survived if she had given birth at home.