Series: Kill or Cure? (29)

29 x 25 minute documentary series produced for the BBC & seen on TV by over 300 million people in more than 200 countries

Diseases that are no threat in developed nations claim tens of millions of lives every year in developing countries. Modern, effective treatments targeting affluent westerners are too expensive for the world’s poor. Old drugs are cheap but resistance is spreading very fast. In some cases the only drugs available kill up to one in 10 of the patients who take them. Kill or Cure covers the hunt for effective and affordable treatments for populations earning less than a few dollars a day. But even in developed nations, the hunt is on for cures for diseases such as HIV and Buruli ulcers.

These Films can be bought individually or as a Series.

Films in the series

  1. Bittersweet

    The world is facing a diabetes epidemic – with the disease linked…

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  2. Taking Fakes

    The business of fake medicines and counterfeit drugs is said to be worth…

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  3. Saving Lives

    The developing world is soon set to get affordable vaccines and affordable…

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  4. The Measles War

    Vaccinating children in developing countries can be hard work. It’s a huge…

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  5. Cancer Wars

    Cancer researchers dream that one day our bodies will cure themselves of…

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  6. Vaccine of Hope

    Japanese Encephalitis kills thousands of children across Asia and leaves thousands more…

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