HI: Helping Babies Survive 3:00, 2018 (Ref: AS18869)


Community health workers in Bangladesh are helping babies survive their first month – the most critical of their lives.

The health workers visit new mothers and their babies four times during this important month. These include vaccinations for tuberculosis and other important killer diseases.

The first month of a baby’s life is the most dangerous. Worldwide, nearly three million babies die before they are 28 days old.

But Community Health Workers, armed with just basic training and equipment, can have a real impact on these statistics.

In this film we focus on Himu, who has been a Community Health Workers for eleven years.

Each time a baby is born, Himu gives it four check-ups in its first month.

By keeping an eye on babies during their critical first month, the Community Health Workers are helping to keep infant deaths to a minimum.