Series: Helping Social Entrepreneurs (8)

8 x 25 minute documentary series produced for the BBC

In this series, Alvin Hall, a business and financial expert who has spent 25-years on Wall Street, is travelling the world helping social entrepreneurs – business people more interested in doing good than making money – become more successful.


Among his challenges – he’s trying to find out whether the poor can borrow their way out of poverty? He sees rats sniffing out land mines in Mozambique and advises how to make the operation more financially secure.

Can an inspirational Indian entrepreneur accept Alvin’s challenge to groom a successor for his highly successful operation?

Can Alvin help the Marine Stewardship Council in their dual task of convincing both fishermen and consumers of the importance of sustainably caught fish?

In Cambodia he advises an organisation helping street children how to boost their income, to help even more youngsters.


One story in Africa is very personal to Alvin, who himself was saved from a life of poverty in the USA by educational scholarships. He is asked to advise an organisation that is helping to broaden girls horizons and raise their expectations through education. Girls are seen as the best way for Africa to prosper. Alvin hopes his advise will help more girls.


These are inspirational stories in which emotions often clash with cold, hard financial facts.

Films in the series