HI: Health Riders – Part 3 – Couriers 4:00, 2018 (Ref: AF18824)


Health Riders are quickly transporting medical results and treatments by motorbike, helping save lives in the rural African Kingdom of Lesotho. In the past people in remote areas of Lesotho could wait two or three months for HIV and TB results and treatment. In that time, other people could have been infected or patients could have died. Health Riders are now delivering results, samples and treatment safely and in record time.

The innovative programme of motorbikes delivering medical services and education in Africa is saving many lives. The programme teaches medically trained staff to ride motorbikes over rough terrain and in adverse weather in order to deliver essential medicines and help with health education in rural areas.

We spent a few weeks filming with these Health Riders to find out what they do and how they are helping making life better for many people living in remote and tough to get to locations.

The mission of the Health Riders is to prevent someone from dying of an easily preventable or curable disease because they cannot be reached because of the barriers of distance, rough terrain or poverty. They strengthen heath systems by addressing one of the most neglected, yet vital aspects of development for the health of Africa – transport and logistics.