HI: Revolutionary Hospital in Rwanda 3:00, 2018 (Ref: AF18845)


A revolutionary hospital has opened in Rwanda. Amid the picturesque backdrop of the rolling hills of Burera district, the designers of the revolutionary hospital believe it proves high quality health care can be provided in even the poorest countries.


Built in local stone by local people, the hospital has high ceilings, large fans and permanently open windows to provide ventilation to help infection control.

It is also anti-germicidal ultra violet lights and easy to clean floors; cheap affordable and relevant solutions for good quality health care.

Before the hospital was built, a single doctor struggled to care for 350,000 people in this area.

Now this one hundred bed hospital has eleven doctors. Doctor Peter Drobac was the driving force behind Butaro hospital’s innovative, but affordable design.

Infection control is a problem in all hospitals.


At Butaro hospital, high ceilings and permanently open, louvered windows create cheap, effective ventilation.

Other weapons in the fight against infection include anti-germicidal ultra-violet lights and easy to clean floors.

Another design innovation is the central conduit wall.

Oxygen and electricity supplies for medical equipment are right beside the patients.

And it allows them to look out at the wonderful views.

Every aspect of the design is about serving local needs.

The community gained financially because the hospital was built by them.

But the fact that the hospital was built for them has been even more enriching.