Series: School's Out! (6)

6 x 25 minute documentary series produced for the BBC

As the world’s economic order changes, the pressure on countries to provide a skilled workforce becomes more acute. School’s Out travels to some of the world’s leading economies to find out how they are training their workers for the 21st century. China is fast becoming the biggest economy on the planet. India is not far behind. So how will the USA and Europe compete? And what of the teenagers themselves as they prepare for this important rite of passage – from student to worker? What are their expectations and ambitions? Around the world there is a momentum towards giving vocational training more kudos. But cultural attitudes often get in the way. School’s Out! also assesses the impact of class and snobbery as vocational training attempts to move out of the shadow of academic studies. Through the personal stories of “school leavers” the series looks at solutions to a global question – what is the best way of providing students with the skills needed for the 21st century workplace?

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