HI: Lagoon Healthcare 4:00, 2018 (Ref: AF18852)


Lagos Lagoon in Nigeria is home to a vibrant community with little access to medical care. It’s commonly known as Lagoon Healthcare.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is running a floating clinic in the heart of the stilted homes.


Local doctors who speak the same language and understand local customs and traditions treat patients in the clinic.

They also carry out house to house consultations by boat. But there are other issues that make access to good health care difficult, such as having to ferry in staff and medical and food supplies.

The clinic has become a focal point for the people of the lagoon and is a hive of activity.


In this film we meet some of the local doctors and the patients and hear about the issues that they face.

Doctor Olabode Ifabiyi has been working in the lagoon for many years. He has come to know the problems of the community very well.

Respiratory problems are extremely common and Dr Ifabiyi is able to prescribe antibiotics and the service is free.

One of his patients, Oyi, is just one of many mothers who uses the clinic regularly, It’s proved invaluable to her.

Using the clinic as a base, the health workers also travel into the community. They go from house to house giving health education and advice. Employing local people to do this work, they are welcomed wherever they go.