HI: Transforming Condom Use 4:00, 2018 (Ref: AS18855)


In Cambodia a company is transforming condom use by marketing it to suit the customer.

Population Services International is marketing condoms to attract two different types of customer.


“OK” brand is a low-cost condom aimed at the commercial sector. “Number One” is a higher priced brand that is designed to persuade people it is something they want, rather than something they need. Profits from the more expensive brand are used to subsidise the cheapest.

In many countries, condoms are practically given away, to help stop the spread of HIV. But Population Services believe their approach will create greater use of condoms. Their marketing techniques are more associated with mobile phones or designer clothes. Their aim is to make condoms a real fashion accessory.

And who can argue with them! Their sales have increased almost sixty percent in just seven years. Before then the market for condoms was almost entirely subsidized by donor money.

The transformation is the brainchild of PSI. Since the condoms were re-branded, OK’s sales have gone from less than two million a year to almost 17 million a year. But sales of Number One, whose price was increased 300 percent have fallen. PSI believes it is partially due to the economic downturn and point to the reduction in the number of total condom sales.