HI: Spinal Rehab 5:00, 2018 (Ref: SA18833)


Spinal Rehab has become a specialist form of therapy in Haiti. According to the Haitian government, the January 2010 earthquake cost 230,000 lives and injured 300,000 people. Leon Ginsby suffered a serious spinal cord injury and is undergoing major spinal rehab. His injuries were caused when his house collapsed, killing his wife and eight children. He gradually started to walk again with the help of the Haiti Hospital Appeal and is now training to be a disabled Paralympic athlete. He hopes to compete in the next Paralympics.

For a long time after his injury, Leon was unable to stand or walk and his wounds were infected. Homeless and disabled, Leon has been looked after by the staff at the hospital.

He has undergone intensive physiotherapy that has helped him to make so much progress. His progress, and that of his fellow patients, has surpassed everyone’s expectations. As for Leon, the strength he has found through his rehabilitation has turned his life around. He has begun a new journey, to become a disabled athlete and fulfil a dream for himself and his fellow Haitians.