HI: Health Riders – Part 5 – Mechanics 3:00, 2018 (Ref: AF18830)


Health Riders across Lesotho are constantly ferrying medical samples from clinic to lab, Motorbikes are allowing community health workers to reach the communities they serve. The Health Riders and the services they support rely on the motorbikes & mechanics day after day.

The mechanics that service and repair the motorbikes make sure that they are in good working order so that the health system in Lesotho and all over Africa can function properly. But keeping the motorbikes going on these tough tracks is no mean feat.

In charge of keeping Lesotho’s fleet of a hundred and twenty motorbikes on the road is mechanic, Thaele Seleke. This is his story.

The mission of the Health Riders is to prevent someone from dying of an easily preventable or curable disease because they cannot be reached because of the barriers of distance, rough terrain or poverty. They strengthen heath systems by addressing one of the most neglected, yet vital aspects of development for the health of Africa – transport and logistics.

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