HI: Treating & Preventing Diarrhoea 3:00, 2018 (Ref: AS18872)


Treating and preventing diarrhoea is a big job in Bangladesh.

Approximately twenty thousand people suffering with diarrhoea are admitted to the main hospital in Matlab in rural Bangladesh every year. Most of them are from poor backgrounds who do not have proper toilets and washing facilities.

The hospital treat patients, including those suffering from cholera, by replacing lost fluids and also educates them about how to prevent diarrhoea in the future.


Poor hygiene allows the viruses, pathogens and bacteria which cause diarrhoea to spread. Bacteria like e-coli will give you a nasty stomach ache. But others, like cholera, can kill – and quickly.

The key to preventing deaths from cholera is quick diagnosis and rapid treatment.

At the Matlab hospital, Dr Hassan has all the resources he needs to diagnose exactly what is going wrong – and quickly. The first step is rehydration. Once treated, Dr Hassan educates his patients, to help them avoid diarrhoea-causing diseases in the future.