Kill or Cure – Blinded by Trachoma 25:00, 2018 (Ref: AF04885)


Thriving in more than 50 developing countries, mostly in Africa and Asia, trachoma is the leading cause of blindness in the world.

It is at its worst in rural communities and women are its favourite victims.

Trachoma is a bacterium that lurks in stagnant water and once established in a human host, creates deforming scar tissue in the eye.

This program shows how the struggle against the disease is starting to look more positive in Tanzania.

Here, in the remote Dodoma district, viewers come face-to-face with sufferers and see how the ministry of health and its partners are fighting back through a new WHO-backed initiative, SAFE (surgery, antibiotics, face washing, and environmental improvement).

This film is part of the KILL OR CURE series of 57 x 25-minute documentaries produced for the BBC. These films can be bought individually or as a series.