Kill or Cure – Hookworm Invader 25:00, 2018 (Ref: AS05895)


Estimated to infect about one-fifth of the world’s population, worm parasites are especially destructive in poor, rural areas of the developing world.

This program focuses on the hookworm, a particularly stealthy and resilient invader of the human body. Examining the insidious methods by which hookworms enter and endanger their hosts, the video explores what medical science is doing to combat the spread of hookworm infestation—with special attention to young children and pregnant women, for whom these tiny stowaways are particularly dangerous.

Commentary from renowned parasitologist Dr. Peter Hotez emphasizes key medical concepts.

This film is part of the KILL OR CURE series of 57 x 25-minute documentaries produced for the BBC. These films can be bought individually or as a series.