HI: Indian Hospital in Nigeria 3:00, 2018 (Ref: AF18873)


An Indian hospital in Nigeria is proving extremely popular with Africans looking for quality health care.


In the heart of Nigeria, within the capital Abuja, is a little piece of India. The Primus Super Speciality Hospital is the first big hospital in Africa opened by an Indian health company. The comany had noticed that many west Africans were visiting their private hospital in New Delhi in India – over seven thousand kilometres away. So the decided to take the hospital to the patients.

As well as high technical facilities, the hospital specialises in lifestyle diseases and chronic complaints, such as diabetes and arthritis, which are growing in Nigeria.

It also covers orthopaedics, surgery – and sport medicine. The company has brought in its own Indian doctors, who have emigrated with their families.

The hospital attracts patients from all over Nigeria – and abroad.

Although most people in Nigeria cannot afford private health care, the company believes there is enough demand from the growing middle class to expand the hospital and open others around the country.