Series: Survivor's Guide (28)

28 x 25 minute documentary series produced for the BBC & seen on TV by over 300 million people in more than 200 countries

Survivor’s Guide is a series which looks at what it takes to survive childhood. These are very personal stories of children who have often experienced difficult and painful situations, plus their hopes and their fears for the future. They’re also uplifting – these are the people who made it and their stories serve as examples to others. Each film gives a detailed look at our survivor’s life to build a character of interest and sympathy. The programme examines all aspects of their lives, including their family, work, school, and their community. Each story is the starting point for exploring much bigger issues.

These Films can be Bought Individually or as a Series.

Films in the series

  1. Child Labour

    Many children in Africa have to work or their families will starve….

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  2. Returning Home

    Thousands of the children caught up in Burundi’s tragic civil war fled…

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