Women of the Uprising 26:00, 2013 (Ref: ME13803)



We gave them cameras to film themselves. Making this documentary in Syria would have otherwise been impossible. Too dangerous! We asked them to tell their stories of revolution and war. They did, sometimes at great risk to themselves and their families.

This documentary provides a unique insight into the lives of Syrian women, and tells the story of how this revolution and conflict transformed their lives. Most of the women support the revolt against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

There was one exception – Yara Ismail. She’s a translator and reporter for the government news agency SANA in Damascus. A crew filmed her openly. She’s not at risk from the Syrian authorities. But she’s at risk from the random violence of Syria’s conflict.

Ayat is an activist from Douma, a suburb of Damascus. She wants the Syrian regime to fall. She doesn’t like the Baath Party nor the Assad family. Her father was from the party, indeed her whole family is from the party and they all have positions in the government.

Khawla is an activist from Salamieh near Hama. She helps refugees with humanitarian aid, shelters, homes and medicines. Like Khawla, Maria is an activist. She organises protests and lobbies for change in her own community. She’s from a city in Qalamoun. She can’t say its name because she’s from the only Christian opposition family in the city.

Sima is a student from Homs. Unfortunately we can’t show her face. She’s at risk of arrest by the Syrian authorities. She says she didn’t want the fall of the regime and she didn’t hate Bashar al-Assad. She was for the reforms, but changed her views when she saw the first bloodshed.

Maya is an activist and film-maker. We have to hide her face and to change her voice. She fears the authorities because she is involved in the revolt against the regime. Maya risks her life to film the people caught up in Syria’s conflict. One of her projects is to film Syria’s children.