Undercover in Uzbekistan 8:00, 2006 (Ref: EU06489)


We have a remarkable report from Uzbekistan filmed courageously with interviews with equally courageous people who are prepared to speak about one of the most repressive regimes in the region. In 2005 people rose up against Uzbekistan’s Karimov regime and violence and torture is still meted out regularly. It’s a secretive state whose leader once said he would rip off his own son’s head if he rebelled against the Uzbek government. Islam Karimov used to be Washington’s ally in the war against terror.

Now American politicians talk of imposing sanctions on his regime. Karimov has been out of favour since government troops shot dead hundreds of demonstrators in Andijan in 2005. Since then, most journalists have been banned from reporting from the Central Asian state. But an independent journalist has returned to talk to leading opposition figures. We’ve discovered that before the Andijan shootings, in the West of the country, there was another, unreported uprising in Djizak.