Return to Kirkuk 57:00, 2005 (Ref: ME05451)


In 1975 Saddam Hussein’s secret police imprisoned and tortured 14-year-old Karzan Sherabayani for only one reason: Karzan was a Kurd.

His brother helped him flee the country. Karzan built a new life in Europe and then in Britain but never forgot his homeland, South Kurdistan, in northern Iraq. In 2005 he returned for the first time to his childhood home, Kirkuk, to participate in Iraq’s first democratic national elections.

In Return to Kirkuk, Karzan’s personal journey and individual poll parallels the massive preparations and struggles for Iraq’s historical election. He clarified complex issues and the ongoing conflicts of the region.

Return to Kirkuk offers an emotionally rich and highly informative insight about the Kurds and Iraq. It also gives a rare reality check on what is happening in this complex nation. The film is a moving portrait of a country that appears to be heading quickly toward civil war.