Reinventing Cuba 54:00, 2015 (Ref: SA15850)



In Cuba, more than 50-years of isolation & restrictions have created a society where people have learned to be creative & inventive and adapt to the lack of goods & restrictions. In this film we meet some of these creative & inventive people and gain an amazing insight into how they have overcome many hard-ships.
Cuba is a world leader in affordable health care and many of their medical inventions have been adopted worldwide. We meet the doctors, the inventors of vaccines & the recipients of free health care.
Despite the lack of materials, their artists and designers are finding ways of creating amazing new stuff and gaining international recognition. We meet some of these artists and tap into their eternal optimism.
With little access to the internet, clandestine publications have been created to let the population know about the latest news, music and movies – all distributed on hard-drives around the island nation. We meet the man who created “The Package” – the weekly “underground publication” that informs most Cubans of the latest news. And despite turning out some of the best baseball players in the world, from a young age Cubans are unable to play with a real baseball as they either can’t afford one or it’s not available. We meet the little leaguers and a teenager on the verge of stardom.
Despite all of these issues, Cuba is changing, opening, reinventing itself.