One Nation Under God 37:00, 2003 (Ref: NA03820)



The President of the United States, George W. Bush, is locked in a struggle against the countries which, in his words, constitute the “Axis of Evil”. The term has strong moral and religious connotations and reflects the thinking that permeates the White House – righteous crusades of the Godly against Satan and friends. Bush Junior is the US’ most religious President since the 19th century. The President has often said that Jesus Christ is the most important influence in his life. But Bush’s strong religiousness is pretty much par for the course in America. Some 90% of his fellow countrymen profess belief in God and over half of them pray at least once a day. Religion is on the rise, particularly  after September 11th.

Fundamentalist churches peddling old time religion and conservatism are also spreading like wildfire. American fundamentalist churches take the Bible literally and demand greater church influence in State policies. They also believe the United States is God’s chosen nation and espouse a moral crusade against pornography, abortion and homosexuality. These ideas would be considered “off the wall” in Europe but are common in American society. In this documentary we followed the trend in Washington, Louisiana and Virginia, as well as Texas – George Bush Jr’s early political stamping ground and where he caught Bible-thumping religion. The film reveals the growth of mega-churches and their congregations of thousands and glitzy masses that are pure showbiz – giant video screens, light shows, Christian rock bands and TV broadcasting. These churches provide a wide range of services for their burgeoning flocks: schools, kindergartens, canteens, libraries, sports centres and even telephone prayers for US troops in the Gulf and the sick.