Nepal Rises 19:00, 2015 (Ref: AS15838)


Nepal Rises is a short documentary highlighting unseen footage of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. This film brings to light the terrible destruction that resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and displaced millions of people. The aftermath of the destruction was incomprehensible, as entire villages were destroyed; however, one un-likely group of local volunteers helped rebuild Nepal. While in a production meeting in New Delhi, India on April 25th, a group of filmmakers were wrapping up Stolen Innocence, a documentary revealing the untold stories of sex trafficking, when the quake hit Nepal. Having worked extensively in Nepal in the last six years, the team quickly organized film equipment and were on the first flight to Nepal to find lost friends. They had already learned of the passing of one close friend, Google employee Dan Fredinburg, who was climbing Everest to promote their film Stolen Innocence. They arrived in Kathmandu to an atmosphere of helplessness. Having located their friends and colleagues within hours, they quickly mobilised their film equipment, including drones, to document the disaster. They moved to Bhaktapur, one of the heaviest hit areas in Nepal, to check on their families. They pulled out their film equipment to capture mass chaos, as people frantically started searching for loved ones. They were able to capture heroic footage of people pulling out survivors from the rubble. As each day unfolded, and new stories of heroism and bravery came to light, the filmmakers were there every step of the way, interviewing survivors, frustrated locals who have received zero support from the government and international aid, and entire households who have lost everything in the quake, including their main breadwinners.

NOTE: Transcript of film included – on request – with an Education License