Illegal Rendition to Libya 8:00, 2013 (Ref: ME13806)


What was the role of the British foreign secret service and the British government of 2004 in the kidnap of a Libyan from Malaysia into the hands of Colonel Gaddafi’s torturers? In this film we uncover an amazing cache of documents in the capital Tripoli courtesy of Abdul-Hakim Belhaj whom the British government illegally rendered to Libya in 2004. The documents reveal just how close MI6 and the CIA were to the Gaddafi regime and how far they informed upon Libyan dissidents in Britain who wanted him overthrown. It’s a shocking, down and dirty film which deserves to have huge repercussions inside the intelligence community and upon their political masters and mistresses. In 2013 we went with Belhaj to Libya where he took us to the notorious Abu Salim prison where he was held and tortured for many years after being illegally kidnapped, along with his pregnant wife, from Malaysia in 2004.