Finding Comrade Duch 15:00, 2009 (Ref: AS09750)


This is the remarkable story of Comrade Duch – Pol Pot’s chief executioner – and the man who changed the course of his life, Nic Dunlop, the Irish photographer who tracked him down in 1999.

Dunlop speaks about when he found him, that Duch had become a devout Christian. We speak to his pastor, Christopher Lapel, who – himself a victim of the Khmer Rouge regime (he lost his father and siblings) has had to deal with the fact that his convert turned out to be The Khmer Rouge’s cruel mass murderer.

Comrade Duch was put on trial in Phnom Phen – 30-years after ‘the killing fields’. He openly admits his crimes.

Duch, whose real name is Kaing Giek Eav, was in charge of Pol Pot’s most notorious prison Tuol Sleng. Over 15,000 people were tortured and killed there during the cruel reign of the Khmer Rouge from 1975-79.