Cambodia O.R. 54:00, 2009 (Ref: AS09758)


During the 4-years of the Khmer Rouge genocide, nearly two million people died, including virtually all of the nation’s doctors. Nearly 30-years later the medical profession is still working to rebuild itself. Among those assisting are a handful of foreign surgeons who have made Phnom Penh their home and free care of the poorest people their lives’ dedication.

We profile the work of a fiery British born Irish physician who has won the hearts of Cambodians in desperate need of surgery. Dr Jim Gollogly came to Cambodia in 1992 giving up an orthopaedic surgical practice in Alaska. He set up the Children’s Surgical Centre Phnom Penh. The patients who line up for surgery are among the most challenging cases in the world. Among them a teenager in the child sex trade in need of a new eye after her pimp poked it out. Gritty and at times painful to watch, Cambodia O.R. offers a fascinating up close, personal, study of life in the Operating Room of Phnom Penh’s only free surgical centre.