Boys of Jenin 52:00, 2014 (Ref: ME14812)


We gain a rare glimpse into the harsh day-to-day life of Palestinians in the West Bank. We visited the town of Jenin – the site of the biggest battle of the second Intifada in 2002 – and spent months with the locals seeing how they live under Israeli occupation. A decade ago, Israelis called Jenin “the capital of terror” after half of all suicide bombers who penetrated Israel came from there and the surrounding villages. To stop the deadly attacks, Israel sealed off most of the West Bank. In this film we see the realities of military occupation – with regular curfews and any resistance punished by the destruction of the homes of the accused. Amidst this, the locals live with no running water or electricity and virtually no services such as police, ambulances and fire engines. Finding work is virtually impossible, with one of the biggest problems of the area being boredom.