Blood on the Stone 50:00, 2008 (Ref: AF08533)


Diamonds have always been a symbol of wealth, power and romance, but maybe not all diamonds should end up on engagement rings, says veteran Sierra Leonean documentary-maker Sorious Samura in the introduction to this film. There follows an absorbing account of the workings of the diamond trade around the globe. More disturbingly, Samura, who lost his eldest brother in the violent unrest which erupted in their homeland over illicit diamonds, describes in detail the trade in “conflict diamonds”. He traces the trail from the diamond mines of Sierra Leone to the diamond merchants in New York, whom he approaches undercover as a diamond smuggler and discovers that nine out of the ten he meets are more than happy to buy his illicit gems. We are presented with a clear picture of trafficking which has the potential to fund not only new wars, but also to perpetuate human rights violations and stunt the development of African nations.

NOTE: Transcript of film included – on request – with an Education License