America’s Forgotten Casualties of War 8:00, 2007 (Ref: ME07431)


A remarkable film about America’s veterans from the Iraq & Afghanistan wars – the unmentioned brain-damaged who languish in Californian mental health institutions.

It’s grim and gripping stuff that speaks volumes of man’s inhumanity to man. In Iraq, rapid advances in body armour and battlefield medicine mean soldiers are more likely to stay alive than in any previous American war.

But the hidden cost of this survival is a ‘brain injury epidemic’ – according to army doctors.

More than 16,000 American soldiers have been wounded in Iraq. Seventeen hundred could be brain damaged, according to one report.

But unofficial estimates put this figure as high as nearly 7,000 with only 800 of them treated at specialist brain injury units. Potentially thousands of troops are still undiagnosed.